‘My Words and I’ is the story of Giulia, Andrea, Giuseppe, Chiara and Francesco…12, 28, 17, 37 and 62 years old; students, pensioners, psychologists, pastry chefs but with one thing in common… the Monster.

The Monster who won’t let them be free; who makes them pretend they are shy when they know they are not. The Monster who makes them laugh when inside they are crying; who makes them talk too much when they’d rather not. The Monster who leaves them desperately looking for other ways of saying something; because they just can’t say those one or two, very clear, very simple words. The Monster is the stammer.

A term, an inconvenience, a way of thinking, a genetic disease?

‘My Words and I’ takes you on a journey of discovery into the minds of our characters, from the moment they decide to tackle their stammer. What affect will this experience have on their lives? Delivered with generosity, without barriers, the journey is an emotional roller-coaster. It’s a journey of every person who wants to better themselves, who doesn’t give up, who wants to transform a problem into an opportunity.

‘My Words and I’ is the story of some incredible people giving themselves another chance; who are brave enough to take on and beat the Monster.


Psicodizione is a school dealing with an infuriating language problem: the stammer.

Set up in Turin, Italy in 2004, Psicodizione’s purpose was to raise awareness of and provide accurate information about stammering, and, through the school’s groundbreaking conferences and courses, to offer a tangible approach to overcoming the issue.

Psicodizione’s methods have proved incredibly effective, even with highly emotional people dealing with emotionally charged situations. These methods are now taught all over Italy and can be applied to any foreign languages; English, Spanish and Russian.

What makes Psicodizione’s approach novel is that stutterers aren’t coached simply to change the way they speak to avoid blocks. Instead, students are encouraged to focus on the way they communicate holistically: from the moment they open their mouths, mastering how they create and shape sounds, strengthening their motivation to ensure their message is delivered intact.

With the Psicodizione approach, many young people and adults have managed to express verbally their inner thoughts once more, learning to manage increasing levels of complexity and to overcome anxiety with greater ease.

The Psicodizione method is founded on the premise that, regardless of the individual situation, with belief, determination and the right tools, all stammering can be solved. ALWAYS.